Very often my words stay in my head, mostly because there is a glitch between my brain and mouth. I find I can make the journey of expression easier by typing or writing. I am Autistic, Fibromyalgic, EDS, Over thinker. My over 40 years of life has led me to many places, some joyous, some shit as f*&k. That seems like a standard human experience, however mine are of great extremes. In order to make sense of the world, I write. Some of this will be in poetry, expressions of thoughts and feelings, stories to help me understand the world – I have called it ‘I just meant words’ because to me words are labels which invoke feelings. Feelings that have been created of a lifetime of exposure to words and things. Words can alter the entire way you perceive that which surrounds you. Words can heal and harm. Sometimes though, words are just meant to be words and are not intended to change, influence, upset or empower anyone.

“Remember, a word is a totally artificial thing – it is our definition of a mechanism by which we communicate. Indeed, the English “word” is “Wort” in German, “mot” in French, “parola” in Italian and “palabra” in Spanish – they all are different spellings and sounds but they mean the same thing. A word is simply a unit of language that comprises a series of morphenes that link together to create a series of letters or sounds that have a recognised phonetic value and that carries a meaning.”  – Trevor Crichton, R&D practical scientist
Chesham, Bucks, UK

So take my words how you will, I do not intend to upset or be controversial. Please remember, I just meant words.

About – I just meant words….

A site to write and share words that have voyaged from my mind to my brain and fingertips. Words about Autism, Fibromyalgia, EDS, Pain, Hope, Fear and Love.